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!Allah's Advices!

The, one night, I sent archangel Gabriel to bug Muhammad's dreams. It worked like a virus, Gabril loves this kind of stuff.
So, through Gabriel, I spoke to Muhammad every night. He even wrote a book. Koran I think, I'm not good at names. For 5 centuries I thought it was Korea. Maybe GWB thinks that North Korea and the Koran are the same thing. That baby Bush...
However, in the Koran it's written all my rules, my advices to make everyone walk in the correct path in their lives. Even though the way might be difficult, full of pointy rocks and all... well, who doesn't like Rock after all?

What a cute smile
Every person in this world is born equal. But those who are born under my bless have a big smile on their faces!

Can you notice the difference?
Now, the rest... well, they don't look so happy. Not having a God on your side seems to make you look dumb since your early days. Think about it.

Beware of the guns
Who adopts me as their God (I'm telling you the advantages of being a muslim, right?) turns out to be a very kind individual. But when someone ticks them off, even if their are still kids, they might not react well to it. But it's a personal thing, I guess.

Osama Byebye Laden
They grow with anger against those who stealed their money and their lunchs at school. Since they are technically my kids, I protect them from their enemies giving them special powers.

They don't lose the oportunity for revenge!

Think twice, dumbass
Though I defend my children against their enemies, I hate when they do evil for evil. The evil ones shall be punished by my very hands!

Well, I can't do everything for everyone, can I?